About Us

Color Splash is the home of Complete solution for Web and Graphic Designing, Printing & Packaging, Photography, 3D Stall/Booth Designing & Visual Effects. We offer a straight talking design service with none of the ‘fluff’ of design agencies, so no expensive directors* and no account handlers* to misinterpret with your brief.

* Only pay for a designer’s time, why anything else..?

We will look at your project intelligently and don’t believe in pushing blocks of copy and images around the page or screen just to look pretty, We make sure to understand your company and what your products or services actually do, both from a technical perspective and from the viewpoint of a fully informed end user or customer. Our design will be creative, but more importantly it will be an intelligent answer to your brief as we will totally immersed ourself in your objectives, so your audience will understand the proposition you intended them to get, quickly, simply and beautifully!

If we feel we are not the right designer for your project then we will say so and suggest an alternative, when a project has our name on it, We want to be proud of the results as we will deliver to you.

So, what design services do we deliver..?

● Advertisements ● Brochures ● Catalogues ● Leaflets and Posters

● Calanders ● E-Mailers ● Promotional Material

● Product Photography ● Portrait Photography

● 3D Product Modeling ● 3D Exterior and Interior Modeling ● 3D Stall & Booth Designing

● Visual Arts ● Visual effects ● Video Presentation

● Web Designing & Development ● Search Engine Optimization ● Data Farming & Online Marketing

● Brand Development

● Packaging Material & Corrugation

● Digital & Off-set Printing